Horse Riding & Lessons

At Quinta da Terça there are stables with pure & cross bred Lusitano horses, a covered riding arena (picadeiro) with a large open fireplace and a bar, built in the same beautiful old Portuguese style as the manor house.

One of the best ways to discover, explore and enjoy this exciting island is from horseback. We offer tour rides in the spectacular Azorean landscape - for horse and nature lovers, this is paradise.

If you want to spend a week or just a few days exploring the island on horseback. We will be happy to make a special program just for you and your group. Experienced riders or beginners, everyone is Welcome.

Riding lessons on request

The little Ride

From the farm we ride through the village of Livramento on small roads between the old high stone walls. We continue into the lush green forest of "Mata Santa" (Holy Wood). Here among other things we find callas, eucalyptus, acacias and bay trees. In Santa Mata we pass the place where the guardian saint for the animals is resting.

1 hour 20 min.- 40 Euro

Tropical Forest Tour

This 2 or 3 hour ride will take you through the amazing Azorean landscape. The ride takes us on old roads, through villages and along fantastic stone walls, which are easily looked over from horseback. Passing pastures with milking cows up to what almost seems to be a rainforest "jungle".

2 hours - 60 Euro
3 hours - 80 Euro

Half day 1 : North Coast

Half day ride exploring the beautiful north cost. Valleys covered with exuberant vegetation, charming villages and panoramic sea views.

95 Euro

Half day 2 : Remedios

We ride on small roads and over pastures. A large part of the ride is on fields with milking cows. From the green pastures we have nice views over the middle parts of S. Miguel.

95 Euro

Half day 3 : Ribeirinha

A ride that offers a bit of everything including fun canters. We start the ride close to the ocean, then up and over the hill Pico da Multa, continuing through the village of Gramas , across two small rivers and we finish close to Ribera Grande.

95 Euro

Half day 4 : Pico do Refúgio

Starting point is Santa Barbara. We will ride on old roads passing fields and farms, In through a part of the village Rabo de Peixe to the interesting property Pico do Refugio. The small mansion dates back to the 18th century and has served many different purposes through the centuries. In the past this was used as a military fortress, artist residence, orange plantation and tea factory, today a private country house. On the nice strait road at Pico do Refugio we can do the final joyful canters of today.

95 Euro

Half day 5 : Cabouco

A charming half day tour which leads up and down winding roads with several nice opportunities for canter. We ride to the top of a field with magnificent view of the north as well as the south coast.

95 Euro

Full Day 1 : From Relva to Varzea

A full day of riding along the south coast to the village of Varzea. We will admire spectacular nature and beautiful views especially over the ocean. Lunch is seved at a Restaurant in the village of Feteiras.

175 Euro

Full Day 2 : Mid Island Tour

Full day of riding direction northeast, enjoying a beautiful varied nature scenery through the day. We are able to overlook some of the middle parts of the island. Picnic served with a fantastic view over the green hills.

165 Euro

Full Day 3 : Sete Cidades - Twin Lakes

An unforgettable day, this is like riding in a fairytale. The ride takes us along the volcano crater rim overlooking the twin lakes on one side and the ocean on the other. The tranquility of the waters and the scent of the Hydrangeas, which border the crater rim, contrast the steep sides of the crater, creating a fascinating sight. Continuing down into the crater to the small and picturesque village of Sete Cidades and the Green and the Blue lakes. Picnic lunch included.

185 Euro

Full Day 4 : North coast to South coast

Starting in the village of Calhetas on the north coast and ending in Livramento. During this day we will enjoy everything from lush green valleys, admire splendid sea views look at green pastures and ride through charming villages. Picnic in nature.

165 Euro

Please advise your height, weight and riding level when you book a ride, this is to help us choose the best-suitable horse for you to have a pleasant ride.*

Level 1
Someone who has never sat on a horse.

Level 2
Has done a couple very easy rides.

Level 3
Can ride rising trot.

Level 4
Has had a number of lessons and is reasonably confident on a horse at walk, trot and canter.

Level 5
Confident and in control on a forward going horse at a steady canter in the open over uneven ground. Has ridden for a number of years.

Children must be at least 10 years of age to participate in our outdoor rides.
Children between the age of 5 - 10 are welcome to ride in the riding arena.

*) Maximum weight for all equestrian activities - 95 kg


Riding Lessons

1 hour with instructor* -35 Euro

*Approved and a member of Federação Equestre Portuguesa